About Rupa Maker

Dharma has always been a core foundation for the birth of statue making and many other ritual items. We are privileged to be part of such a beautiful industry. We derive our inspiration from the Dharma practitioners around the world and this encourages us to become better every day, not just crafting the statues, but also towards creating a happier community.

About Us

With a dedicated team of artists and craftsmen who have been working with us in crafting these beautiful statues, we are on a mission to enrich the Dharma community with continuous improvement of Statues and other Dharma items incorporating the traditional techniques used to creating it.


A million stories told, a million stories shared. A journey shared with the Dharma Practitioners since our establishment in 1991.

It is no surprise as to where Rupa Maker gets its inspiration from

It’s all around us. Coming from one of the most artistic cities in the world; we only had to look around our hometown ‘Patan’ to draw inspiration.

Our Values

We hold a strong commitment to our values.


Respect to Dharma

Following and respecting the Dharma with pure heart and intentions is what drives us to work in this industry.


Respect to Dharma Community

We are inspired by the people in this community and their dedication towards Dharma.


Commitment To The Traditional Art

Creating with handwork is what makes this industry special and it’s our duty to keep that tradition going.



Honesty and doing what’s right to ensure that there is a positive outcome.


Continuous Improvement

We strive to be better every day, to make sure we are able to adapt with the needs.