October 2, 2021RupaMaker

Guide to buying your Statue

When a newcomer, eager to acquire a statue, steps into our store and finds themselves surrounded by a wide array of captivating collections, the choices can be overwhelming. However, we are dedicated to guiding and educating the practitioners and enthusiasts about the diverse varieties and sizes available. Drawing from our…

September 20, 2021RupaMaker

Buddhist art and Iconography

Buddhist art, spanning over two millennia, has evolved through diverse mediums and techniques, ranging from monumental structures to intricate sculptures and paintings. While captivating viewers, its purpose goes beyond aesthetics. Central to Buddhist art is the concept of aiding practitioners in their Dharma practice. This is particularly evident in Mahayana…

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Guide to buying your Statue

October 2, 2021

Buddhist art and Iconography

September 20, 2021



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