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Foraging - Buying Religious Statues in Katmandu


Participation at the Vendor Fair 2010:


On 11th November 2010, by invitation, we participated at the Vendor's Fair 2010 for the second time organized by the United States Mission to Nepal, the Community Liaison Office at the Phora Durbar Recreational Compound, Kathmandu. There were many handicrafts stores from Kathmandu taking part in the fair...

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Thank you so very much for visiting our website and we are sure that it will be the start of a new relationship or continuity of a nice long-time friendship. Welcome to the wonderful world of statues and dharma items made especially for you. We are your own statue makers who are serving you by providing your favorite statues and dharma items for more than two decades now. We are so very thankful to all our Gurus, friends and well wishers for their precious blessings, support and good wishes and we are sure that our relationship will continue to grow in future with more and more new friends as well. Thank you very much!!!

We were born and raised in the ancient town of Patan. From our early childhood, we were introduced to the art known as "KATANKIGU" in Nepali, which simply means "carving using tools". As our father was a goldsmith himself, this art was not entirely new to us. However, our teacher, who was a relative aswell, began instructing us with pencil drawings on paper, as drawing is the foundation of carving. When we were good enough at that, we started to learn drawing on metal items and eventually learned to carve using traditional tools called "KATAN " and "MUGACHA". Since that very day, we have been carving statues and other dharma items. Busy carving statues, one day our life changed when we met a Rinpoche from Jorpati in Kathmandu, who was looking for the best carver to create his specially designed statues according to his instructions!

It is quite important to understand how Statue Maker's Shop came into life. Well, we were just making our living by carving statues for others. Then, because of all the merit accumulated in our previous lives, we were introduced to H.H.Thinley Norbu Rinpoche. We had a great chance to work for a GURU like him who was a perfectionist. We learnt a lot from him while we worked on the statues he designed. After learning so much from him and receiving an abundance of blessings, we were encouraged to open up a small shop in Boudha, Kathmandu.

It has been more than two decades that we are happily providing statues and dharma items for practitioners around the world. We are very much obliged to all our friends, respectable customers, well wishers and not to forget our humble landlords for their continuous blessings, support and understanding.

Statue Maker's Shop
6 - Boudhanath
Kathmandu, Nepal

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