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Foraging - Buying Religious Statues in Katmandu


Participation at the Vendor Fair 2010:


On 11th November 2010, by invitation, we participated at the Vendor's Fair 2010 for the second time organized by the United States Mission to Nepal, the Community Liaison Office at the Phora Durbar Recreational Compound, Kathmandu. There were many handicrafts stores from Kathmandu taking part in the fair...

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Welcome to the world of statues which would help your dharma practice. We are statue makers from the City of Patan, which is also known as the City of Arts. While there are many people providing statues and dharma items, we are statue makers ourselves and feel so honored and proud that most of our customers are pure dharma practitioners.

As these statues are so precious and respectable, we always try our best to work with our heart, with an abundance of respect and understanding for their qualities. As most of our craftspeople are Buddhist themselves, it is much easier for us to have sense of respect even when we are working on your statues. We hope this can be seen and felt once the statues are completed and available to you.

Our motto is to be helpful in anyway possible to your dharma practice and we are always showered with your gratitude, love and trust. Our greatest and most precious reward is your happiness and progress in your dharma practice. It is so wonderful how we (you and us) are enriching each others lives.

May All Beings Be Happy!!!